BTstack Keyboard


BTstack Keyboard


The BTstack Keyboard application allows you to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Foldable, travel-friendly keyboards have been supported for at least a half of a decade by all smartphones, except by the iPhone. That is a shame, as the iPhone is a compact computer you already carry around. Combined with a portable keyboard, it can replace your laptop for taking notes or writing emails at meetings or at your favorite coffee shop.

The application fills this gap. It is based on the open-source BTstack project, a Bluetooth stack designed for embedded devices where resources are scarce.

BTstack Keyboard runs on jailbroken iPhones, all iPod touch devices with Bluetooth support, and the iPad. It is available via the Cydia Store.

It works with all Bluetooth HID keyboards and the Celluon laser projection keyboards. So far, we have positive feedback for:

  1. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

  2. Bluetooth Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000

  3. *Celluon Laser Projection Keyboard CL800BT, CL850

  4. Cingular Portable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

  5. Dell Axim Executive Keyboard

  6. Dell full sized Bluetooth Media Keyboard, model y-raq-del2

  7. Freedom mini keyboard

  8. Freedom Universal2 (make sure you are in HID mode)

  9. Frogpad

  10. iTech Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

  11. KeySonic 340/540 BT

  12. Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro

  13. Logitech diNovo Edge

  14. Logitech diNovo Media Desktop

  15. Logitech MX5000

  16. Matias Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

  17. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

  18. Nokia SU-8W

  19. Palm Wireless keyboard 3245WW

  20. Rocketfish

  21. Think Outside Stowaway Universal

However, we received reports that it does not work with:

  1. *Cygnet Bluetooth Keyboard

  2. *Freedom Universal

  3. *G-Tech Smart Fabric Wireless Keyboard

  4. *HP iPAQ Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

  5. *Level One BLK-2000 Foldable Keyboard

  6. *OMIZ

  7. *Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard 3169WW (uses IR - no Bluetooth)

We intend to support the Freedom Universal. Stay tuned.



BTstack Keyboard is a solution

for the missing Bluetooth keyboard support in the iPhone OS.

NEWS: +++ Works on iPad now. +++ Try together with BTstack Mouse. +++ Available in Cydia. +++